Two close friends Abu and Kamal had a dream to make the most delicious and traditional ginger beer ever made.

Their families’ heritage was Asian and so they believed that natural ginger sourced from India would provide the crucial ingredient for their masterly creation.

The natural health benefits of ginger have been recognised in India and China for over 2000 years; helping to cure travel sickness, to calm stomach upsets and to support a healthy cardiovascular system.


Abu says: “Kamal and I wanted to create a feeling of both quality and reassurance, and heritage that reflected both the true values of our premium product and the ethos of our company.”

The origins of Avenue are ancient French – to come to, arrive. That reflects the journey Abu and I have experienced with our ginger beer over its five year development,” says Kamal.

We also wanted an association with calmness and community. The old English origins of Greene – a dweller at or near a village green – provided a perfect reflection of our wishes.”

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