DAY 20


  1. Including Rudolph, how many reindeer does Santa have?
  2. Name three of Rudolph’s friends
  3. What’s the exact name of Slade’s Christmas song?
  4. In what year did Mariah Carey release All I Want For Christmas Is You?
  5. How many Christmas number ones did the Spice Girls have?
  6. When is St Stephen’s Day?
  7. What is frankincense?
  8. In the series 7 Friends Christmas episode, what does Ross dress up to teach his son about Hanukkah?
  9. What’s an Italian Christmas cake called?
  10. In the film Elf, what’s the name of the department store where Buddy works when he arrives in New York?
  11. Christmas Island is a territory of which country?
  12. What do the sweets and dried fruit represent on a Christingle?
  13. Where do the McCallisters go on their Christmas vacation in Home Alone 2?
  14. In the song 12 Days of Christmas, what was given on the 10th day?
  15. How many sides does a snowflake have?
  16. Where are the traditional Christmas plant poinsettias from?
  17. What do French people call Father Christmas?
  18. Which X Factor winner was the first to have Christmas number one?
  19. On what date is the Twelfth Night?
  20. What is traditionally hidden in a Christmas pudding?
  21. In what town was Jesus born?
  22. Who is the voice of The Grinch in the 2018 version of the Christmas tale?
  23. Who was Christmas number one in 2019?
  24. What’s Mr Scrooge’s first name in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?
  25. Mr Blobby was Christmas number one in 1993 – what TV show did the character appear in?
  26. What’s the name of the aging rock star making a comeback “at any cost” in Love Actually?



  1. Nine
  2. Any three from: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comit, Cupid, Vixen, Blitzen, Donner
  3. Merry Xmas Everybody
  4. 1994
  5. Three
  6. Boxing Day
  7. A precious perfume
  8. A Holiday Armadillo
  9. Panatone
  10. Gimbels
  11. Australia
  12. All of God’s creations
  13. Florida
  14. 10 lords a leaping
  15. Six
  16. Mexico
  17. Pere Noel (or Papa Noel)
  18. Shayne Ward
  19. January 5
  20. A coin
  21. Bethlehem
  22. Benedict Cumberbatch
  23. LadBaby with I Love Sausage Rolls
  24. Ebenezer
  25. Noel’s House Party
  26. Billy Mack (played by Bill Nighy)

Source: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/christmas-quiz-questions-answers-virtual-19482913


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